How to Start Designing in 3D

Womp Team
Womp Team
How to Start Designing in 3D

3D designing can seem overwhelming at first, this post will help you navigate the first steps of the learning process. Even with a simple, easy-to-use 3D software for beginners, you can be left feeling overwhelmed about taking the first steps.

We’re here to help! Womp is designed to help you start designing in 3D, and continue to explore the endless possibilities. You’ll quickly learn that your learning journey never ends, and the options are only limited to your imagination.

Start with online tutorials

One of the best ways to learn something new is to watch other people do it. You can figure things out on your own, but watching someone who has more experience can save you from hours of frustration. The internet can be a wealth of free knowledge when you start learning a new skill or hobby.

There’s a great chance that people have run into the same issues along their design journey. Watching videos on YouTube and reading blog tutorials can help you avoid common mistakes and learn easy tricks that will save you time. It’s also helpful to watch videos and copy what they’re doing to get some reps in.

If you’re brand new to 3D design, the first steps are usually the hardest. Watching other people create simple designs can give you the confidence boost you need, and help you explore your own creative ideas. You don’t want to get stuck here, so your next step is to practice!

Learn with simple designs

Learning the basics of 3D design will take some time. Even creating simple objects like a pen, or an eye will help build the skills you need to become an expert.

The first time you start working with clay, you’ll make something simple like a bowl or cup, and even those won’t look amazing. Working with 3D material is the same. Don’t try to build a whole cityscape on your first day.

You can also start your learning journey by editing pre-made objects. For example, you can take a sphere, add three holes and some texture to it and you’ll have a bowling ball. Or you can practice adding some stitching to the sphere and practice turning it into a baseball. 

You can make just about anything out of 3D clay, so start with things that interest you. Remember that it’s normal for your first few designs to look imperfect, and a bit silly. No one is going to judge you for practicing.

Learn with other people

Learning with others can make the journey more fun and less frustrating. Womp allows you to collaborate in real-time with other people. This can be especially helpful when you’re just getting started.

Collaboration helps teams design better projects faster, gives you a different perspective, and allows you to explore new ideas. You may want to learn with someone who has more design experience, or learn with a friend who’s brand new. Either way, learning alongside someone can help you learn new techniques and skills much faster.

Be patient

We can promise you that you won’t become an expert designer overnight. It will probably take a few hours of practice to grow comfortable with the basic controls and get a feel for how the 3D software works. Continue to practice making different objects, using the features, adding textures, and asking for honest feedback. 

Eventually, your skills and capabilities will increase, allowing you to solve bigger problems, and create more unique pieces of 3D art. Womp is a free 3D software for beginners. It was built to make 3D design easier and more enjoyable to learn, but remember that everything great will take time and effort.

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